Electricity is one of the essential aspects of life; without it, survival becomes difficult. Still, there are several safety issues related to power. That’s the reason one needs to care about handling the electrical points and all the appliances run by electricity to ensure utmost safety. Here is an attempt to discuss one issue and the options to fix it. A smoking electrical switchboard is a fault commonly faced by many. It bears dangerous implications, no doubt. Whenever a smoking electrical outlet is traced, immediate action should be taken to restore the fault with the aid of one of the expert electricians available.

Primary initiatives to ensure safety first.

  • It is wise to evacuate the place as soon as possible. 
  • Then the actual reason needs to be figured out.
  • It must be inspected well if there is a fire within the wall already.

Important considerations to prevent a fire break-out:

Turn off the circuit and unplug the device as soon as possible.

Try to feel the wall near the outlet. If it seems to be excessively hot, then evacuate the place at the soonest and dial 999. It is better to wait for help, but in the meantime, it would be wise to take specific initiatives to prevent any significant incident. Use a fire extinguisher if available to stop the fire from spreading. This will work only if the fire is relatively small. Never try to use water to put out an electrical fire, as it would have worse consequences of getting electrocuted. Always use CO2 or powder-based extinguishers to stop fire having an electrical origin.

If the wall is not hot and the smoke subsides after the device is unplugged, then try to find out the core of the issue. Unless you have found out the cause, do not turn on the power circuit. If you are unable to find out, seek the support of licensed electricians. They will surely bail you out of the grave problem.

Chief Causes of Smoking Electrical Outlets

Issues in Wiring: Faulty grounds, damaged connections, loose wires, are the possible reasons for arcing, smoke and fire. If an outlet which is not much in use, then there might be severe issues deep inside the wall. The smoke might be escaping from a fire that occurred within the wall. 

Debris within the Outlet

Often the presence of dirt and dust particles inside the outlet gives rise to short circuits. They might lead to arcing between negative and positive wirings.

Overloaded Outlets

All the homes or offices are loaded with electrical gadgets. This no doubt overloads the outlets cause smoke and fire. Mostly the circuits at home are designed to bear a load of 15-20 amps. If you are plugging in many devices into that same circuit then obviously, they won’t be able to take the pressure and will lead to smouldering wires, smoke and eventually fire. If a circuit trips often then please disconnect some devices from it and take help of an electrician to upgrade it.

If any of these above instances are observed, then turn off the circuit at the breaker box immediately. Do not restore power until a professional electrician has checked it and given a green signal.